Did you know every tire has a ‘born on’ date? Do you know how to break the code to find out how old your tires are?

Start by locating the DOT serial number molded into the sidewall of the tire. The code will end in 4 numbers corresponding to the two-digit week, followed by the one or two-digit year. For example if the last four digits of the DOT code are 0316, that means the tire was manufactured during the third week of the year 2016.

Tires can sit in storage for years where the rubber will deteriorate enough to leave the very structure of the tire compromised, even though the tire looks new and has lots of tread left. Call us or click to contact us for more on new tire and rim sales, tire repair or tire change overs. 

The MOT (Cnd) and the DOT (US) recommend changing even new-looking tires once they’re 10 years old. Many manufacturers’ suggest 6 years, depending on usage and where the tire ‘lives’!

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